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Mrs. Jones, scientist and sorceress.

Cornelia Jones’ scientist husband is invited to all of the best conferences and symposiums. Cornelia attends this one in his stead, prepared for a day of enlightening lectures and scholarly gossip. After all, in these years following the Great War, scientific progress and discovery unites men as never before.

Or does it? The day takes a surprising turn when Cornelia discovers that someone has cast a magic spell – small and seemingly harmless, but quite out of place for a symposium of science. There is a madman afoot, and Cornelia must draw on all her knowledge of both physics and sorcery to stay one step ahead of him.

Can she single-handedly protect the greatest scholars of the 1920s from a startling and unconventional fate?

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Mrs. Jones, ghost hunter.

A dead man comes to Cornelia Jones’ door, asking for help. Claiming that he was murdered with a magic spell, the man fears that his killer has bigger plans more dastardly even than murder.

Searching for the killer in 1920s Los Angeles, Cornelia finds herself dealing with strange new magic and a madman who cannot die. Can she dispatch the ghosts before she becomes one herself?

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Mrs. Jones, bodyguard.

Women in the 1920s don’t usually protect and defend the men, but Cornelia Jones is an unusual woman.

Dr. Braddock has invented a device that he believes will change the face of medical science, and he needs just one more piece to make it work. Cornelia agrees to protect the old scientist on his train trip to retrieve the final piece. But the Caelum, a secret organization that uses science and magic for nefarious purposes, wants the device for themselves.

Cornelia soon gets more than she bargained for when she learns that the doctor’s invention is much more than a just a contribution to modern medicine. Can Cornelia protect herself, the doctor, and all of the passengers before the train becomes their doom?

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On a space station designed for millions, First Lieutenant Elín Hallsdóttir is alone, with only her memories and the other four members of the shut-down crew.

The station orbits the planet, turning from darkness to light to darkness again. Solar storms are growing, the station is dying, but life continues on. Or does it?

Elín’s past rides with her, and with every rotation of the station her future seems more uncertain. And then the unthinkable happens.

Can Elín say goodbye to her past before it’s too late for her and her companions to have a future?

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Three short fairy tales of magic, hope, and mystery:

The Mute Siren

What use is a siren who cannot sing?

As a temptress with no voice, S’elifne is forever set apart from her sisters. Dreaming of a life of freedom, she is doomed to watch in silence as the other sirens lure ships and men to their deaths. Until one ship arrives with a passenger who may help her dreams come true…

The Burning Tree

In a cold unchanging land where the old never die and the young are never born, a young man hears the legend of the Burning Tree. He sets out on a quest to learn about good and evil, life and death, and to bring a seed of change to his frozen world.

The Winter Carousel

On a cold winter’s night, a lonely little boy finds a mysterious magical carousel in the middle of the woods.

“Would you like a ride?” asks the carousel horse.

When the boy climbs onto the carousel, he begins to understand about magic, wishes, and the price to be paid for them…

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