The Corruption of Creativity

We have all been given creativity. You may claim that you’re not the artistic type, or that you’re often stuck for ideas. But never say that you have no creativity.

What is creativity, after all? It is imagination, originality, resourcefulness, vision. Have you ever had a good idea, then put it into practice? A good idea about anything—a more direct route to work, a way to rearrange your living room, the perfect gift to cheer a hurting friend. That’s creativity.

Imagination, ingenuity, vision—the ability to see something in your mind before it exists in reality. We all have this power, we all do this every day. You imagine what fun you’re going to have at the beach this weekend with your friends. You have a vision of the joy on your child’s face when sees that toy he’s been wanting under the Christmas tree.

Many use this creative power in a far less positive way. You imagine the next phone call will be the debt collector because you’re behind on that bill. You imagine that storm growing worse and your spouse’s car sliding off the road into a tree. This is called worry.

Worry is a corruption of the creative power of your mind. That imagination you have was intended to help you build a business, raise happy children, write a book, design a home. Worry brings fear, and fear brings a halt to all of the good ideas you have.

You have the ability to see something in your mind before it exists in reality. Take note of what you’re seeing. Think about what you’re thinking about. Do your ideas point towards a positive manifestation, or a negative one?

Don’t let worry and fear corrupt your imagination. The world needs your creativity.


2 thoughts on “The Corruption of Creativity

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