Christmas Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

So what should you give to your writer friend/spouse/family member for Christmas? If you’re a writer, what should you ask for? Here are some ideas: 

Pens. Or pencils. Because, you know, writers need tools to write with. Even those who write exclusively by typing and seeing the words show up on a screen have an innate fondness for the classic tools of our trade.

Journals. See above. Gotta have something for those pens to write on.

Writing apps. There’s basic software like Microsoft Word, specialized software like Scrivener, and dozens of writerly apps to help with story prompts, grammar and spelling, and more. Even though us writers like the sentimentality of pens and journals (see above) and often use them, the technological writing tools are great, too.

Conference tickets. Associating with other writers is a valuable and much-needed thing for the inherently solitary writer. Whether it’s a weekend workshop, a semester-long class, or a big out-of-town conference, the gift of education and association just can’t be beat.

Books. Writers are readers, and many of us tend to be book hoarders collectors. Really, there’s no such thing as too many books.

What’s on your writerly Christmas list?


6 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

  1. Lovely ideas! On top of these super hand items, I can always use more bookshelves (okay, and objectively, more space in our wee home for them ;D) and sturdy tote bags for bringing new books home in. 🙂

    Joyful holiday season wishes!
    ♥ Jessica


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