The Blue-Haired Writer Girl

If you’ve been on my social media recently, you may have noticed that I’ve updated my profile picture to show me with blue hair. Last year I took a big self-image leap of faith and dyed my hair blue. I found that I liked it, so I stuck with it, and at the six-month mark, I blogged about it again.

I learned a lot during those first six months. And now, this month marks one full year with blue hair.

Some people may not think this is a big deal, and at this point, I no longer think it is a big deal, either. I’ve had blue hair for so long now that it’s become the new normal. I no longer react with surprise when I see myself in the mirror, or when someone comments on my hair. I no longer have to think of an explanation when someone asks me why I decided to color my hair blue. I just answer truthfully: “because I like it.” I know my hair is blue, and it’s a part of me now.

It’s part of my branding now – the blue-hair writer girl. I want to stand out, to be remembered – of course for my words, but the blue hair sure helps. People don’t forget you or get you mixed up with someone else when you’re the only Blue Haired Writer Girl they’ve met.

But still, getting noticed wasn’t my goal with the blue hair. It was an experiment, initially, for my own self-exploration. And the more I explored, the more I discovered, and the more I found I liked the new discoveries.

So now, here I am, the Blue-Haired Writer Girl.

Yep, I'm enjoying my blue hair!

Yep, I’m enjoying my blue hair!


6 thoughts on “The Blue-Haired Writer Girl

  1. Superbly said. Ultimately, that has to be one of the best answers anytime someone questions something about our appearance (that we ourselves are happy about). The more we do what, and look how, we please, the happier we become.

    Keep on rocking your fabulous blue locks, they’re gorgeous!

    ♥ Jessica


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