My Favorite Christmas Books

Christmas is my favorite holiday – it always has been. I love everything about it – whether it’s decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, or just eating candy canes. And reading Christmas books has always been part of the holiday for me. I know that I have read way more Christmas books than are listed here, but these are not only some of my favorites, but they’re also books that I still own.

My Christmas Treasury

I think this was my all-time favorite book (Christmas-themed or otherwise) when I was about five. I distinctly remember asking my mom or dad to read it to me Every. Single. Night. I’m sure they were sick of it, but I loved it. It’s a fun collection of Christmas stories, poems, and artwork, all Little Golden Book style.

The Twenty-Four Days before Christmas

This story, like Madeleine L’Engle’s other Austin family stories, is real and raw, sometimes funny and sometimes tragic. It’s got all the hopes and disappointments, struggles and love of a family celebrating Christmas together.

Christmas Trolls

I love anything by Jan Brett. Her amazing artwork and the Scandinavian setting captured my heart as a child – and still does.

The Tailor of Gloucester

As much as I love Jan Brett’s stories and artwork, I love Beatrix Potter even more. This particular tale takes place at Christmastime, and I love how Beatrix’s animals give the old tailor the best Christmas gift he could have wanted.

The Snow Maiden

This isn’t a Christmas story, really – it’s more of a winter story. My mom usually read this Russian fairy tale to me at Christmas time, though, and it seemed to fit with the holiday.

The Greatest Salesman in the World

Again, this isn’t really a Christmas book, per se. It’s usually listed as an inspirational or self-help book (which is it, and it’s well worth reading for that purpose). But unlike many spiritual or self-help books, it’s written as a fictional story, and the first part of the book takes place on a very special night in Bethlehem.


Do you have a favorite Christmas book? Please share!


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