Inspiration for the Week: Writing Quote #MondayMotivation

Are you a daydreamer? If you are, that’s a good thing! Daydreaming is where creativity lies! Embrace your daydreams!

Let me know how this quote inspires you this week!


Writing Is…Seeing the Big Picture

I recently wrote a post about seeing the details. Details add richness and flavor to stories and to life.

Along those same lines, seeing the big picture is just as important. Where I’m living now in north Idaho, everything is big: the trees, the mountains, and especially the sky.

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Inspiration for the Week: Music to Write By – AO Music #MondayMotivation

Do you listen to music while you write? Do you listen to music to calm your soul, or boost your energy? This tranquil, inspiring track might just be suitable for all of the above! Enjoy!

Let me know how this music inspires you this week!