My imagination

I’m new to this blogging thing, but I’m not new to writing. I know that no one has heard of me as an author, but I’ve been inventing stories since I could talk, and writing down stories ever since I could spell. I have what many might call an over-active imagination; but even during bouts of low self-image attacks when I tried to squelch my imagination and live like “normal” people, I found that I never could manage to turn it off.

So here I am, finally deciding to embrace my run-away mind and all the worlds it creates. So now the question is, how well will that translate into a blog that people actually want to read? Or, better yet, books that people want to pay good money for and read? Well, I’ll never know till I try…

To start with, I should probably talk a bit about what I’m currently writing (besides this fabulous blog, of course). I’m working on a fantasy trilogy—just finished the first draft of book one, and now I’m in the first re-write phase and have started book two. Four hundred-plus pages and 175,000-plus words of fantasy adventure…so now my goal for the re-write is to shave it down by about 50,000 words or so. I’ve trimmed off about 1,000 words (i.e. about two pages) of unnecessary fluff so far. A good start, right?

The term “fantasy” can encompass a lot of things, so to briefly describe this trilogy, I would call it either cross-world fantasy or just straight up plain fantasy (as opposed to urban fantasy, high fantasy, etc). It’s set in Finland, and involves the northern lights, reindeer, some musical instruments, and a dose of Finnish mythology. Sound interesting?

I hope so! I’ll be blogging in the future about some of the research that I’ve done for this series (yes, research for a fantasy story), and some of the things that have inspired me. And maybe I’ll even show a few excerpts from the first book. Time will tell…


7 thoughts on “My imagination

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Grace! I’ve just recently revived my own blog and am delighted to meet someone else who’s trying to define themselves. Your trilogy sounds very interesting and I’m intrigued by the concept of learning about Finnish mythology. Congrats on completing that first draft – that is a tremendous accomplishment, believe me. Sadly, so many writers never get to those elusive two words – The End! Well done, you! Oh, just so you know, I found you via your friend, Tina Glasneck!


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