Season of Change

This past weekend was the autumnal equinox. Fall is here—my favorite season.

Even though I’m a fan of winter, where I live, we don’t really have winter. Some winters it gets below freezing, some winters we have several inches of snow and loads of ice, some winters we can keep the windows open all the time because it never gets cold. I’d be a bigger fan of winter if I actually lived somewhere that had winter beauty and winter sports.

But anyway, fall is here now, and it’s my favorite season for many reasons. First and foremost, the weather starts getting cooler. Days when the air is dry and so it’s warm in the sun and cool in the shade, and nights when you need a jacket–I love it.

Apple cider and bonfires on chilly nights. Crunching on acorn caps on the sidewalk. Standing under a tree waiting for a breeze to blow a shower of colored leaves down.

Like spring, fall is a season of change. Summer disappears suddenly and everything about the world becomes different. Some might see fall as a season of death or of going to sleep, as trees become bare and the hours of sunlight grow shorter.

But I see it as a bringer of joy. The fall brings the harvest–apples, pumpkins, squash, and many other things that we have waited patiently all summer to receive. Longer dark nights means more time for looking at the stars. And after autumn comes winter, with its many celebrations, like Christmas.

To me, this season of change often is a turning point in my mind for making changes in my personal life. Of course I make resolutions at the new year. And any time is a fine time to set a new goal or start a new habit. But with change literally in the air all around, in the fall I feel prompted to reevaluate myself.

What did I accomplish in the past nine months? What can I do with the 1/4 of a year that’s left to me to achieve some of the resolutions I’d set back in January? Has the quality of my writing improved? Have I been meeting my daily or weekly writing goals and being disciplined with my writing time? Did I find a critique partner like I said I would? I wanted to read a certain number of books this year–am I on track for that?

If you’re a writer, these questions may resonate with you. If you’re not a writer, I think they still apply. There are about three months left in this year. How close are you to accomplishing your 2012 New Year’s resolutions? Have you hit your goals already? Then celebrate! Are you so far behind that you’re thinking why bother to get started now? Get started anyway! You might surprise yourself.

Share your thoughts! Do you have any changes you’re making in your life? This year isn’t over yet!


4 thoughts on “Season of Change

  1. my favorite season as well, how I wish I could have 4 seasons. I live in a place that seems to be the endless summer land, always the same, I can only imagine that showers of colorful leaves falling from the maple trees (love them, maples are my favorites), the cool wind blowing softly while walking on a street fulfilled with those autumn colors, it brings melancholy and a strange nostalgic mood to me. A season of changes indeed.


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