Keep the purpose in mind

I’m a firm believer in writing just for the sake of writing. Writing what’s on your heart. Writing for yourself first and foremost, and never mind if anyone ever reads it or likes it.

These are all valid reasons to write and should never be ignored or abandoned. But if you want to move on to the next step—like getting published, entering a contest, or writing a blog—you need to have a goal in mind.

I’m hardly an expert in any of these areas—though I do have a few months’ worth of blogging under my belt now, at least. But all of my current writing endeavors have a purpose behind them.

I’m still writing what’s in my mind and my heart. I’m still writing for myself and writing what I want to read. But now, I’m starting to write for others, as well.

I started this blog with the intent of it serving a two-fold purpose—to share my (limited) writing knowledge and experience with other budding writers, and to share my own personal writing journey and ideas and inspirations.

Even if your blog is truly nothing more than a personal journal that you’re willing to share with the world, chronicling your hopes and fears and daily activities, that’s fine. If that’s your purpose and that’s what you’re doing, then you’re walking the path you set for yourself and accomplishing your goal.

If you want to get a story published one day, then whenever you work on that story, keep that goal in mind. If you’re still working on your first draft, there’s no need to worry about tight sentences, correctly-spelled words, and such—that will come in the editing phase. And if your goal is to get published, then yes, there needs to be an editing phase. Probably more than one. Keep that goal in mind as you write and as you edit.

If you’re writing a story for a contest, or for entry into an anthology or e-zine or something similar, remember that as you write. What is the plot/content supposed to be, or what’s the maximum word count? Again, some of these details can be hammered out during editing, but keeping the goal in mind during the first draft can make the whole process more streamlined.

Write for fun, and write what you love. But if you dream of sharing your work, selling your work, growing as a writer—don’t forget that as you write. Focusing on your purpose will keep you on that road.

What’s your purpose with your writing?


6 thoughts on “Keep the purpose in mind

  1. Good question! Mine has changed from being that I just wanted to get my thoughts out about Iceland, to becoming more helpful and tourist-oriented, and now I’m trying to figure out how to get to the next level or what that even is. I’ve reached my initial milestones of “success” – I need some more now!


    • Good for you, for sitting down to write your blog to begin with and sticking with it! Success achieved! 🙂 I’ve found your blog very helpful! Some interviews with Icelanders (famous people or otherwise) for one of your next steps, maybe? Just a thought. 😉


  2. “What’s your purpose with your writing?”
    My purpose is for purely storytelling. Having something worth spending time on to share with others is always exciting. The more the merrier.


    • Pure storytelling is an excellent purpose. That’s pretty much my purpose, too, with my novels. Getting them published in some form or another is part of the next phase of that purpose, so that people besides my immediate family can enjoy them. 😉


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