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This week’s entry is all about me. I couldn’t think of anything useful or instructive to write, so I thought I’d just share a little about my own current writing projects.

Besides writing this fabulous blog, I am also working on two novels. They’re both part of the fantasy trilogy that has been my main creative focus for the better part of the past two years. The trilogy is entitled The Light-Whisperers of Kalevala. I’m about half-way (okay, maybe one third of the way) done with the first draft of book two.

I really enjoy writing a first draft, even when I find myself deviating from my original outline. Or when I get to that trouble spot of my outline where I just had a big question mark and now I’ve got to come up with something.

First draft writing is pure creation, pure exploration. I’m learning about the characters and having adventures right along with them. It’s fun and it’s freeing.

Editing, revising, and rewriting are not quite as fun. This is where I am with book one. Yes, editing, revising, and rewriting are all different processes, but I’m currently engaged in all of them. Mostly that last one.

I have rewritten many scenes in the first two chapters—more than once. And each time a scene is rewritten, I know it’s better—the plot flows smoother, the clunky boring parts are trimmed or gone, the characters become more three-dimensional and consistent. The total word count is going down, which is a good thing (the first draft clocked in at 175,000 words, which is a tad long, even for a fantasy tome). I’m excited about the end result of a more streamlined and readable novel, but I’m becoming less and less excited about the process to get said result.

I’m sure all writers (or artists of any sort) experience this feeling of being so tired of a piece of work that you just want to give up on it and call it done so you can forget about the thing. Yes, there will come a point when I have to call it done—without doing that, it will never be published. But I know that time is not yet.

My critique group has been very helpful by providing feedback. They have pointed out the slow spots (there are lots of those), the places where characters seem to fall flat, and those little inaccuracies that aren’t a big thing but could trip me up later. Of course I don’t automatically make every suggested change, but when multiple people point out the same things—repeatedly—it’s probably important.

Hence, the rewriting. And more rewriting. My goal is to have the rewrites and revisions of the entire first book done by the end of May. That’s a little over a week away, for anyone who’s counting. And how close am I to accomplishing that goal? I’d rather not talk about that…

Well, sooner or later, I will finish this revision of book one. As sick of it as I am right now, I’ve worked too hard on it to just quit. And besides, since I’m industriously writing book two (and sketching ideas for book three), that kind of makes book one necessary.

So now it’s back to the rewriting/revising board again (with the occasional hop over to first draft creative freedom on book two, when I just can’t stand it anymore). Oh yeah, and cranking out a blog entry of some sort every week.

So what sort of projects are you working on?


9 thoughts on “Current Writing Projects

    • Well, I’m still working on the systematic thing. I do find that setting goals helps, even if I miss the goals.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m going to try to do more personal blog posts and FB updates. I don’t want to become “that writer” who only posts about themselves, but I think I’ve been flirting at the other extreme.


  1. Ah, the joys of editing. Not my favorite part of the writing process. I love first drafts, where you can be loose, experiment with plot lines, and hang out with your characters. I love the freshness and the excitement, not the nitty gritty, grammar, and word choice part of it.

    I’m working on a book called “Cosmo.” It’s for middle-grade/YA and is realistic fiction (I’m branching out a bit from my normal fantasy route . . . but just a bit 😉 ). It’s about a girl named Cosmo who’s living in NYC with her Mom who was divorced from Cosmo’s dad. They’re EXTREMELY poor, but Cosmo has a dream to go to college and become an astronomer. If it’s possible, I think I like Cosmo’s BFF, Celeste, more than I like Cosmo. 😉

    I just subscribed to your blog! 😀 I’m excited to learn more about you!


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