Music to Write By – A Winter Playlist

I enjoy the dark cold days of January and February. Often the pace of life seems to slow as the sun goes down, leaving longer hours of meditative quiet. But the days don’t have to be dark or depressing, especially with music to lift the soul and brighten the mind.

Like a first snow, story ideas come dancing towards me during the dark winter days

In winter, I dream of frozen forests, snowy tundras, and far-off places

What are some songs on your winter playlist?


2 thoughts on “Music to Write By – A Winter Playlist

  1. In winter, I like any music that’s up-beat and happy because it matches my mood. (I LOVE WINTER!) Right now I like to listen to music from the movie “Frozen” and songs such as “Ours” and “Long Live” by Taylor Swift– anything that will keep the positive feeling going, really.


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