Been There, Done That

I don’t often participate in blog tags, but since this particular post by one of my favorite bloggers was about travel, I decided to join up. So here are the questions, and my answers, all about what a jaded world traveler I may or may not be:

Which countries have you visited so far?

Assuming this does not include airports (therefore I cannot put Germany on this list), then I have visited England, Norway, Iceland, and Costa Rica. And West Virginia, which some in my part of the USA might consider to be a foreign country, but that’s a different topic.

A lovely little stream in the woods in southern Norway. It looks a lot like West Virginia, actually.

A lovely little stream in the woods in southern Norway. It looks a lot like West Virginia, actually.

Which destination is at the top of your bucket list? In other words: where do you REALLY want to go some day?

I have a long travel wish list! But some of top ones are Finland, Ireland, Faroe Islands, and Canada.

What is your most ideal vacation (beach, shopping trip, cultural holidays, etc)?

Shopping is swell and all, but I’m more of a nature person, so trips to see amazing landscapes I’ve never seen before are my favorite. I also like history and culture, though, so museums and historic landmarks are cool, too.

Which place did you find so special, that you want to visit it again?

Iceland. It may be a small country, but it has so much to offer!

Have you ever been sent to a nice location for work? If so, where?


With whom do you usually travel?

For some of my trips, I visited a friend who lived at my destination, but the actual traveling I did alone. I have also done some completely solo traveling.

Who would you like to go on a vacation with that you haven’t recently or even? (This can be anyone: family, friends, or famous person.)

I’d like to travel with some of my friends, especially the ones who are more seasoned travelers than I am.

Who, or what, would you take to a desert island?

This sounds like one of those trick questions. If it’s a vacation stay on a remote island by myself, I’d take all the necessary food, water, and other survival and comfort items, along with books for reading and paper and pens for writing. If I thought I was going to be stranded, I’d take food and water, satellite phone, signal flares, and maybe a boat with motor, and pray for a speedy rescue.

Have you ever been to a vacation in your own country?

I’ve traveled to and through a lot of states, some for vacation.

Would you rather go to a theme park or a zoo?

Theme park probably, as long as it was an actual theme park with stuff to do besides ride roller coasters.

Would you rather have a winter or a summer vacation?

I love the winter (or at least cooler weather), so if I travel during the summer, I prefer to go to a cooler climate than my native one. Actually, I prefer to go to a cooler climate during the winter, too.

What is your best holiday memory?

I really loved my far too short stay in Norway a few years ago.

What is your least pleasant holiday memory?

Nothing in particular comes to mind besides all the numerous times I’ve gotten lost. Getting lost in a foreign country is especially fun because you can’t read the road signs (not that it would have mattered, since the map I had didn’t seem to be accurate). But anyway.

I had no idea what this sign said, but it didn't matter, because my map didn't show that road at all.

I had no idea what this sign said, but it didn’t matter, because my map didn’t show that road at all.

To which countries are you travelling this year?

Probably not out of the country this year, but I am planning to go back to the inland northwest, where I was earlier this year.

Where would you never go on holiday?

Since I love winter and cooler climes, I would probably not go anywhere tropical. Also, any place that’s politically volatile or otherwise dangerous to visitors is not on my list.

So there’s my history as a traveler! If you want to join this blog tag, then feel free to grab these questions and post your answers on your own blog! And let me know or link back here so I can enjoy your travels, too!


4 thoughts on “Been There, Done That

  1. Ah! Iceland is one of the places I’d like to go too. Though they say it’s crazy expancive 😦
    I travel alone most of the time too. But I kind of like it… though having a travel pal is nice.


    • Iceland is pretty expensive… but not that much more expensive than Norway or England, I noticed. Or New York City, for that matter. 😛

      The most recent trip I took (to the western part of my own country) is the first time I’d actually traveled with someone else. It was an interesting experience!


  2. Thank you very much, sweet Grace, not only for playing along, but for the beautiful words you lead this post with. I’m genuinely touched.

    What terrific answers! I like the assortment of countries that you’ve seen so far. I feel a real pull to the Scandinavian lands and would love to see somewhere like Norway in person one day, too. Tony has long been fascinated with Iceland, so perhaps we’ll land there at some point as well (the older I get, the more it also really appeals to me).

    Great desert island answers. We share many points in common there. While I wouldn’t want to actually be stranded on one, sometimes it would be nice to be able to take a breather for a few days (or weeks) on a safe, sunny tropical island somewhere far away.

    Thank you again, my friend. I hope that you have a fabulous Friday and weekend!

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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