A Week Away at Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop

This week I’m blogging from the grounds of Hollins University, which is hosting the annual Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop. This is my first time attending this workshop, though it’s not my first time at Hollins. I graduated from Hollins with a BA in English and creative writing (many moons ago), and so it’s been a fun yet strange experience being back on the campus after so many years.

The scenic Hollins campus

The scenic Hollins campus

I’ve attended writers’ conferences and other workshops before, but never a week-long event. Classes are in the morning, then a short seminar after lunch, and the afternoon and evening are for reading, writing, going for walks, open mic readings, and whatever else you want. It’s wonderful to be away from the bustle of everyday life for a few days, on the quiet scenic university campus, and surrounded by like-minded writers.

There’s something special about mingling with complete strangers when you know you already have something in common. It helps to take out the awkwardness and fear of meeting new people, when you know that everyone at your table at lunch loves writing, reading, storytelling, and very might well be an introvert like you.

The Hollins Rock, constantly painted to commemorate special events.

The Hollins Rock, constantly painted to commemorate special events.

As I’m writing this, there are still a few more days left in the workshop week. I’m looking forward to more learning, more mingling, more writing. I’ll probably be glad at the week’s end to get back home to my own bed and my cat – but for now, I’m in no rush to leave. I think I’ll just relax, and write some more.


2 thoughts on “A Week Away at Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop

  1. That sounds absolutely lovely. What a beautiful looking school (I have the biggest perpetual crush on classic red brick buildings) and place for this retreat. I hope you’re having a splendid time at your old stomping grounds and finding the workshop to be wonderfully rewarding.

    Have a stellar weekend!
    ♥ Jessica


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