What to Blog about when You’re out of Ideas

I’m sure this happens to every blogger sooner or later: your idea well dries up. It might be a long creativity dry spell, or maybe it’s just a temporary slump and you’re like “drat, I’m supposed to post tomorrow and I have nothing ready.”

Well, here are some handy tips to keep you going – or at least to help you fill in the gaps until your creativity springs gets going again. If you’re stuck for blog post ideas, you can:

Search the internet for “blog post ideas.” You’ll come across dozens of far more creative and influential bloggers than yours truly who have long lists of ideas, or fabulous tips for getting out of a slump.

Write a “top ten” list. Or a “top five,” or “top seventeen.” People love lists, and you can write about almost anything: My Top Ten Favorite Books, The Top Five Sites for Basket-Weaving Enthusiasts, Eight Things Never to Say to Your New Boss, etc.

Do a blog post with quote pictures. Everybody loves quote images, and plus, images make your blog more attractive for Pinterest users.

Write a blog post like this one. Yep, that’s why I’m writing this post this week – I was out of ideas. So there you go.

If you have other blogging-when-you’re-out-of-ideas thoughts, please share!


8 thoughts on “What to Blog about when You’re out of Ideas

  1. I’m not a blogger…yet. Still working on my site but in my journal I have a page for blog ideas I can jot down as they come to me. Now I have a couple more to add. I really like the “top ten list” idea, there are countless ways one can work that. Thanks.


  2. Great suggestions across the board. From the very earliest days of my blog’s life, I’ve kept a (long!) list in a Word doc of possible blog post ideas. Almost nothing is off limits in terms of what I might put down as an idea there, so while I definitely don’t actually write a post about each topic (and periodically prune out older ideas that I know I’ll almost certainly never post about), having a list with literally hundreds of ideas at the ready 24/7 is hugely beneficial when I need to put together a new post, but don’t have a set topic in mind. It’s something I’d massively recommend that all bloggers do as well.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


    • Thanks for the tip, Jessica! Yes, I keep a list of ideas, as well – though it doesn’t number in the hundreds quite yet. 😉 Even if I’m not a week or more ahead in my post writing, having a cache of ideas at the ready can help a lot.


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