Autumn Sky

Not much of a post this week. My favorite season, fall, is almost here. Well, technically, it arrived a week or so ago, but in my neck of the woods the leaves haven’t started turning yet and the weather is just barely starting to cool down at night.

I’m always inspired by nature, so I thought I’d share a picture I captured the other day. Enjoy!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Follow your dreams!

Follow your dreams!



4 thoughts on “Autumn Sky

  1. What an alluringly beautiful sunset. We live deep in a valley that’s flanked by tall hills, so we don’t get that many vibrant sunsets (or rises) here and that is certainly something I miss from some other spots (such as Toronto) that I’ve lived throughout my life. It’s okay though, it just makes that do grace us with their presence all the more of a special event. I’m really hoping we get at least a couple stunners like this here throughout the fall months, too.

    Wishing you many more perfectly pretty autumn evenings, my sweet friend.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jessica! I love hills and mountains, though since I currently live in a relatively flat area, I hadn’t thought about how tall hills would block the view of sunsets. 😛 Well, there’s beauty to be found everywhere – whether it be the sky or the tall hills! 😉


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