Love Tropes in Stories

Even though Valentine’s Day was yesterday, I feel obligated to write a Valentines-ish post, just because. Even those of us who don’t call ourselves readers of the romance genre usually enjoy a good love story. So here are a few of my favorite couples from books/movies/shows, and the different types of loves stories they represent:

The Against-All-Odds Love – Sheridan and Delenn

This couple is from the sci-fi show Babylon 5, which I’ve blogged about many times, and which I hold up as one of the best examples of storytelling in any media. The main plot of the show is war, good versus evil, and the shades of gray in between. But there’s a little romance, too. Sheridan and Delenn have everything going against them: they’re busy leading an army, trying to save their respective governments, and dealing with cultural difficulties between the two of them because they are two different species. But they fall in love anyway, determine to make it work no matter what, and their unity makes them and those who follow them stronger for it.

The Forbidden Love – Jack and Sam

Another couple from sci-fi TV, this time from the show Stargate: SG1. Samantha Carter and Jack O’Neill represent the couple who can’t ever act on their love. Jack is Sam’s commanding officer, and because of military regulations, they must maintain a professional relationship both on duty and off duty. It’s a good thing Stargate is science fiction, so at least Sam and Jack get to be together in alternate timelines.


The Noble Love – Faramir and Éowyn

This couple from Lord of the Rings doesn’t get much screen time (and not much more page time in the books). But individually we get to know the two characters; they both are noble, loyal, and value honor and duty above all else. Theirs is a pure love, befitting of their noble stations in life, but still full of all the tenderness of romantic love.


The Cute and Awkward Love – Ron and Hermione

What else is there to say about these two from the Harry Potter series? The two best friends who grow up together, fight all the time, fall in love, and finally kiss during the final climatic battle. Cute and awkward all the way.


The Unlikely Love – Han and Leia

Everyone’s favorite Star Wars couple. The princess and the scoundrel have absolutely nothing in common, they fight more than Ron and Hermione, but they love each other anyway. Even if Han is a scruffy-looking nerf-herder.


*obviously I don’t own any of these images, and all images belong to their respective creators.


3 thoughts on “Love Tropes in Stories

  1. Love all of these but especially Jack and Sam who it only took me about five stories I’d written to realize him heading up Homeworld Security effectively made him a Joint Chief and therefore now outside of the purview of chain of command 😀 So they DO get to be together. Eventually.


  2. Ok.. forgive me if it posts 2x here but I love all of these, most especially Jack and Sam who it only took me about a half dozen stories I wrote before I finally realized becoming head of Homeworld Security effectively made him a joint chief outside the purview of chain of command so they DO get to be together eventually.


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