Summer Reading List Ideas

With Memorial Day (in the US) coming up this weekend, this marks the official start of summer. Many people are putting together their vacation ideas, and along with that, their summer reading lists.

So here’s my take on the summer reading list. I’m not offering specific titles, but rather ideas about what kinds of books to put on your list. If you have a goal to read 5 or 10 or 50 books this summer, then how about some variety and unexpected items? 

A classic. You know, one of those 19th century tomes that people either love or hate. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or not, there’s usually a reason those authors and their books are now considered classics.

A new book. Maybe even a hot new bestseller that just hit the shelves. I believe that old books and new books are equally valid, even if the genres, subject matters, and writing styles are wildly different.

An old favorite. Just because.

A book you’ve never read before. To expand your mind and all that.

A book of fiction.

A book of non-fiction.

A book in your favorite genre. Maybe that’s your old favorite.

A book in a genre you don’t normally read. To expand your mind and all that. This could be a classic, that new bestseller, or a nonfiction book.

If you’re a writer, a book in the genre that you’re currently writing in. To keep your mind sharp and focused on your readers’ expectations for that genre.

If you’re a writer, a book in a genre that you’re not writing in. To give your brain a break.

A book of poetry. Why not?

There can easily be a lot of crossover in these categories. This list is certainly not the world’s most comprehensive reading list – it’s just intended to get you thinking about different things you could read this summer.

What types of books are on your summer reading list?


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