Writing Updates

This week I was stumped for a blog post idea, due in part to being focused on lots of other writerly things besides blogging. I love blogging and I’ve kept at it for years, so don’t worry – I won’t be going anywhere. In the coming weeks I’ll be back to sharing writerly quotes and giving tips about writing and storytelling. But in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to.

I’m working on putting my sci-fi novella Blueshift on Nook and iBooks. So if you have a Nook or an Apple device, you’ll soon be able to read it!

My current WIP is a series of short stories that fall into the historical fantasy genre – specifically dieselpunk or decopunk. I’ve got a few stories ready for my editor, and I’m also working with a cover designer. Stay tuned, because my dieselpunk leading lady Mrs. Jones will be making her debut later on this summer!

I’m also still getting settled after moving across the country a couple of months ago. I’m learning my way around the area and have found the important stuff like a church, the post office, grocery store, and library. I’ve also joined a writing critique group in my new town, which I’m very excited about. Associating with other writers is vitally important for every writer.

And of course I’m always working on blog posts. More writerly tips, story prompts, and other assorted musings coming soon!


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