It’s Never Too Late to Get Organized

Just a quick post today, and one that is mostly me preaching to myself.

Do you ever have detailed plans and goals that you’re working towards, and then you get distracted or derailed? A lot of different things can pull you away from pursuing your goals. In my case, over the past few months, I uprooted my life and moved across the country, bought a house, had family come visit right after I’d moved in, and so on. Yes, that’s just an excuse, I suppose, but at any rate, I’ve fallen a bit behind on my writing goals for the past few months.

A lot of things can distract us from our goals. Uncontrollable circumstances like a sickness or other bad event. More pleasant life changes (like my move) can be just as distracting. Sometimes something as simple as a schedule change because of a new job can get you off-course.

And sometimes, the very act of getting distracted and thus missing a goal can be enough to make you want to give up on all of your goals. Have you ever had that happen? You have a series of goals mapped out: finish first draft by next week, then finish edits next month, then start plotting the next book in six weeks. If you miss the first goal, then that makes you want to give up on all of your goals, because now your whole schedule is out the window.

Well, here’s an encouraging word for you (and for me) if you’ve ever been in that position: it’s never too late to get re-organized. It’s never too late to set a new goal. It’s never too late to get yourself back on track.

Have you hit a distraction lately that’s gotten you off-track? How have you gotten yourself back on track? Please share!


2 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late to Get Organized

  1. Forward motion is what counts, and realistic goals. I’m always happy as long as I make some progress every week.

    It also helps if you don’t compare your progress with other writer friends.


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