My Writing Space

A lot of writers post pictures of their writing spaces, and to be quite frank, it makes me jealous. I see pictures of sunny offices, rustic wooden desks with vintage typewriters, and ergonomic chairs. My writing space is the corner of the couch.

Now, to be honest, I could have set up a designated writing space with the wooden desk and ergonomic chair. But instead, I decided to use my spare bedroom as a guest room/craft storage room, and there really isn’t room for a desk. My bedroom is too small, and my dining table is, well, kinda boring for writing.

I love my living room, with the big open windows, tall bookshelf in the corner, and comfy couch. So this is my writing space. Not exactly refined or professional, but it’s comfortable and it’s mine. I love my writing space!


The corner of the sofa where I write, complete with laptops, lap desk, and vintage globe.


My writing laptop (because it’s the one with Word on it). This laptop also sports my Stargate Earth symbol sticker, because I’m a geek.


I have a map of the Land of Oz above my writing sofa. It’s very important to ground oneself in magical lands when one writes fantasy and sci-fi.


The view out my window. Yes, I get to see the doctor’s office across the street, but I also get to see trees and the mountains beyond.


What’s your writing space like? Please share!


8 thoughts on “My Writing Space

  1. That looks super cozy to me! I do have a designated writing space, but I also take my laptop with me to a bunch of different places around the house if I feel like I’m too in my head and need a change of scenery to get creative again. Maps and views of trees and laptop stickers are all big pluses. ๐Ÿ™‚


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