What to Do When You’re Sick of Blogging

I’ve been diligently blogging for over five years. One post a week every week, only missing a handful of times over the course of several years. I’m proud of the discipline I learned, and happy about all the comments, followers, and connections I’ve gained. But over the past year or so, I’ve become much less diligent about that one post a week.

What was my reason? I got busy. I got distracted. And to be honest, I just got plain tired of blogging every week. Now before you ask—no, I’m not shutting down this blog and quitting the blogging scene. I’ve decided to return to regular blogging in 2019 because, after all, I am still a writer.

Anyway, I got to thinking about my options. Since I’d admitted to myself that I was sick of blogging, what should I do about it? I think there are several options for any writer if they’re ever faced with this realization—whether they’ve grown tired of blogging, tired of social media posting, or just plain tired of writing. None of the following options are right or wrong—I think each person needs to decide what is the best choice for them at that time. Consider your options, consider why you’re sick of blogging or writing, and consider what your ultimate goals are.

When You’re Sick of Blogging—Just Quit

While I don’t generally advocate quitting something just because you’re sick of doing it, sometimes quitting is the right decision. It’s worth considering your goals, first, though, along with some inner reflection on why you’re wanting to quit.

When You’re Sick of Blogging—Take a Break

This is what I’ve been doing. Over the past few months, I’ve posted a few blogs here and there, just to keep my SEO going and to let my followers know that I was still around. My energy and creativity weren’t really in it, though. I took a break, and I’ve been thinking about why I started blogging in the first place, what I want to achieve through blogging and writing in general, and what my goals are for the coming year.

When You’re Sick of Blogging—Do Something Different

This can apply to any sort of writing—or really, any creative endeavor at all. If you’ve lost interest in your project, don’t merely quit or even just pause it—redirect your energy into a related yet different project. For example, a blogger could switch it up and start making vlogs instead of just writing text content. If you’re a writer who’s grown tired of the book you’re working on, trying writing a different story for a while. You might find that it brings back the passion for your original project—or you might discover something new that you like even better.

Please share your thoughts! What do you do when you’re sick of your current creative project?


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