New Short Story! Roaring Twenties Fantasy Adventure!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve published anything, though I’ve been getting more disciplined with my writing habits. I finished this short story months ago–even had it edited and revised and everything–but for some reason I just hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. Why are us writers and artists sometimes so reluctant to share our beautiful and finished projects with the world?

The answer to that is, I think, long and complicated and the subject for a different blog post. But anyway, I finally did click “upload” and “publish” on Amazon, so here we are: a brand new short story in my decopunk Roaring 20s historical fantasy series! I’m currently writing the first actual novel of this series, but this story should give readers a little more insight into my character and her world before the novel is ready. Click the link to buy and enjoy!

Mrs. Jones and the Moebius Enchantment

Mrs. Jones, scientist and sorceress.

Cornelia Jones’ scientist husband is invited to all of the best conferences and symposiums. Cornelia attends this one in his stead, prepared for a day of enlightening lectures and scholarly gossip. After all, in these years following the Great War, scientific progress and discovery unites men as never before.

Or does it? The day takes a surprising turn when Cornelia discovers that someone has cast a magic spell – small and seemingly harmless, but quite out of place for a symposium of science. There is a madman afoot, and Cornelia must draw on all her knowledge of both physics and sorcery to stay one step ahead of him.

Can she single-handedly protect the greatest scholars of the 1920s from a startling and unconventional fate?

Purchase it for Kindle here


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