New Book for Writers and Creatives!

So I haven’t promoted this much yet (or rather, at all), but I have a new book out! Introducing We Don’t Need Another Marketing Book!

This book has been in the works for a couple of years now. It’s my first co-writing venture, as well as my first non-fiction venture. Working on this book has been a fun learning experience – both from the perspective of writing with someone else, as well as the whole writing about real stuff thing.

This book is about developing, pursuing, and growing your creativity. It’s intended for anyone who is a writer, musician, artist, or other creatively-minded person who wants to treat their art seriously as career or business. No, it’s not about how to make gobs of money (I haven’t exactly reached that point myself); nor is it about all the latest strategies for social media advertising. What it is about is reaching and influencing people, growing yourself as an artist, and changing your mindset when it comes to creativity, work, and making money.

While neither my co-writer Gabby or myself are “experts,” we both have cumulatively decades of experience in the creative side of business and entrepreneurship. We don’t know everything, but we’ve learned a few things about how to think about work and creativity, and we’re excited to share these concepts with other creatives who might be struggling just like we were.

So check out We Don’t Need Another Marketing Book on Amazon!


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