Writing Technobabble: L is for Lifestyle

Welcome to my guide on how to write technobabble! Every post will start with one letter of the alphabet, from A to Z, and cover tips and ideas for all you writers of sci-fi. Whether you’re writing about near-future science fiction, far-flung alien worlds, or historical steampunk adventures filled with advanced technology that never was – these posts are designed to help you write convincing and unique tech for your story! 

L is for Lifestyle 

In most sci-fi, the tech is a key part of the story. You could even say that technology (and thus, technobabble) is part of the lifestyle. 

“Lifestyle” covers everything: from big stuff like transportation, weapons, or medical care; to the small stuff, like clothing, home décor, or writing implements. Whether you’re writing futuristic sci-fi or retro-tech like steampunk, don’t neglect the little details when it comes to creating your tech.

As much as society as a whole is structured around and affected by the big stuff (transportation, money, etc.), it’s those little things that really create a lifestyle. How does technology (or, perhaps, the lack of it) factor into daily life, like jobs, household chores, or entertainment? 

In the Back to the Future movies, the primary piece of technology that makes the whole story possible is the flux capacitor. It’s a key plot point in every movie. But the little stuff matters just as much. Remember Marty’s self-lacing sneakers and hoverboard from the second movie? Such a small detail (clothing, a toy), but they helped add important details to the world of the future (and the hoverboard came in handy in the next movie, too). Those little lifestyle details can make a big difference.

Really, the little details are what create a life (or cultural lifestyle), and the little details are what enrich a story and add believability to your world. So ultimately, the little things matter as much as the big things.


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