Happy New Year! Here We Go Again?

Yes, it’s a new year again. A new year full of hope and chances to start over. A new year full of goals, dreams, and plans. A new year to wonder how different life might become from what we imagined it would.

The past two years have sure thrown us all for a loop. Even those who haven’t lost jobs or loved ones have had their lives changed. Many would agree that this past year, and the year before that, weren’t the best years they’ve ever had.

And 2021, also, actually

But despite two years of changes that nobody wanted, I still choose to look on the new year with hope and positive expectation. And while this past year may not have been the greatest on record, I’m so grateful that I had some pretty amazing things happen.

My parents made the big move from their life-long east coast home to join my sister and I out west. We are all now together again as a family, my parents are safe and looked-after, and for the first time since my sister and I were kids, we all live within twenty minutes of each other. Blessings.

I published another book: this time, my first full-length novel. Mrs. Jones and the Radium City is the “how it all began” tale that goes with three other Mrs. Jones Adventures short stories that I published earlier.

Of course I have big plans for writing more, publishing more, and growing my resale business. Let’s put the shake-ups of the past where they belong–behind us–and see what the new year brings!

Happy 2022!


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