Writing and Blogging Updates

For the past two weeks, I’ve missed my normal Wednesday blog post.

I’ve blogged regularly for about five years now, posting once a week, and missed maybe three or four weeks during that time. After missing two weeks in a row this past month, I resolved anew to be disciplined with my writing and my blogging, regardless of circumstances.

My circumstances haven’t been bad – quite the opposite, actually. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you might have seen the occasional tweet about me being in the process of moving. Back in April, I quit my part-time job, packed up my books, said goodbye to my parents and the city I’d grown up in, and moved across the country. I’m still not fully sure why I did this, but I did. And so far I haven’t regretted it. Continue reading


The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

The subtitle for this post (if I were to do such a thing) should be “The Blue-Haired Writer Girl Gets all Dressed Up.”

A couple of weeks ago my fabulous hair stylist invited me to be her hair model for the Christmas Open House at her salon. I was quite honored, because she has many clients who could model her talents (including other clients who also have uniquely-colored hair). Her vision for the event was to go with a snow queen theme, and so I was dressed accordingly.

As I sat there being painted up, dressed up, and having about a pound of bobby pins and hair spray put in my hair, I remarked to her that this was not only a fun experience, but would be great fodder for my writing. Every good writer knows how to use Google (some of us a bit too well. Who has ever googled “will a human body fit into the trunk of a Honda Accord?” or “how to make a home-made bomb”)? Continue reading