Writing Technobabble: O is for Occam’s Razor

Welcome to my guide on how to write technobabble! Every post will start with one letter of the alphabet, from A to Z, and cover tips and ideas for all you writers of sci-fi. Whether you’re writing about near-future science fiction, far-flung alien worlds, or historical steampunk adventures filled with advanced technology that never was – these posts are designed to help you write convincing and unique tech for your story! 

O is for Occam’s Razor 

This entry doesn’t pertain to writing science fiction specifically, but I believe that it’s a principle that can aid sci-fi writers (or all writers, really). Occam’s Razor is an eponymous concept attributed to a 13th century friar named William of Ockham. 

Occam’s Razor is a principle of philosophy or logic that says, basically, that the simplest explanation for a situation is the most likely to be true. It’s not foolproof, certainly, in fiction or real life; but it’s a great concept to keep in mind when creating both complex plots and complex tech.

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