Writing Technobabble: I is for Infodump

Welcome to my guide on how to write technobabble! Every post will start with one letter of the alphabet, from A to Z, and cover tips and ideas for all you writers of sci-fi. Whether you’re writing about near-future science fiction, far-flung alien worlds, or historical steampunk adventures filled with advanced technology that never was – these posts are designed to help you write convincing and unique tech for your story! 

I is for Infodump (Don’t Do It) 

This post builds on my D is for Details and E is for Explanation posts. To define the term, an infodump is exactly what it sounds like: a large dump of information in the middle of the story. It’s when the flow of the story and plot pauses in order for the author to explain something in (usually lengthy) detail. In the sci-fi genres, an infodump often happens when the author wants to explain some aspect of world-building, such as all the details of what a piece of technology is and how it works. 

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