Found Words – Names and Places

I like words. Words are everywhere. We may ignore them – their placement, their meaning. We ignore their very presence. But every word that is placed somewhere, that is found, has a purpose and a meaning.

Everyone and every thing has a name. And every name a meaning.



We see this as art and we admire it. But do we appreciate the words? Do we find these words in our lives?



Subtle words, easy to miss.



Every place has its words, unique and waiting.



Where have you found words?

Story Ideas – Some Writing Prompts

One might consider this week’s post lazy on the part of yours truly, but you could also look at it as a chance to get creative and share.

Here are a few random pictures. Does one of them spark an idea? Bring back a memory? Take you on a flight of fancy? Please share your stories! Jot down an idea in the comments, or even put a link to your blog if one of these images prompted a story!

Let me know where your story ideas come from!

a busy street

a busy street

An old gun

An old gun

Everybody likes a good crystal skull story

Everybody likes a good crystal skull story



Found Words

Words are everywhere.

Sometimes they show up unexpectedly. Sometimes they dance, demanding to be noticed.

pic 1
Sometimes they’re so common and disguised in the bustle of everyday life that even if they danced, no one would see it.

pic 3

Sometimes they’re hiding in plain sight.

pic 2

Sometimes they seem like just so much useless clutter. Sometimes they’re artfully arranged, full of hope and meaning.

Collage 2

Where have you found words lately?