Why do I Blog?

Last week I didn’t publish a blog post. I know I have a lot of subscribers, but I really have no idea if anyone pays attention to my publishing schedule or waits in breathless anticipation for a new post every Wednesday. (If you do, then I thank you for your attentiveness and interest, and I apologize for leaving you hanging for a week).

I’m sure I was far more upset than anyone else at missing a week for the first time in nearly three years of blogging. The sad part is, I have no good excuse – I simply forgot. So that got me thinking: why did I start this blog? And why have I been so committed to keeping it up for so long?

After a bit of self-analysis, here are some things I came up with. In no particular order, the reasons I blog are:

I like writing. Blogging gives me a chance to write a little bit every week. It took some nerve, at first, to put my words out there for the whole world to read, but the positive feedback and comments I get are definitely encouraging.

Blogging has helped me with discipline. Writing of any kind takes discipline. Even if you’re writing just for yourself and just for fun, it takes a degree of disciplined action to write regularly and to finish anything. The discipline of committing to a weekly post – even if I’m the only one who notices or cares about the regular schedule – has helped me to start learning the art of writing even if I don’t feel like it or feel inspired. (Except for last week, obviously, but let’s not talk about that anymore).

Blogging helps with SEO. Now we get to the technical side of things. I’ve known for years that an author needs a strong social media presence if they expect to ever be noticed or read by anyone. And there are so many tips out there about getting a web presence launched before your first book is published, so that you already have a following when you’re ready to start promoting a book. Since I love social media and I love writing, starting a blog seemed like an easy and logical thing to do.

My blog is my home base on the internet. Blogging regularly helps keep the following that I have, and increases my chances of gaining new followers. My blog also serves as my main author website. Since I have no books for sale yet, I don’t need a fancy website with multiple pages or a calendar with my book signing schedule. (Yet. Here’s hoping I’ll need all of that soon). Anyway, my blog is where you can find me online. I have it linked to all of my social media profiles, so if you want to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest (or all three), my blog is the easy one-stop-shop to find everything.

So there are my main reasons for continuing this blog for so long. I hope that you are enjoying it, even if you don’t read every post or care what day of the week I publish. I love blogging, and I intend to keep it up for many more years to come!


9 thoughts on “Why do I Blog?

  1. I have pondered that very same question, but have not come up with any realistic answers for my/its existence. What started as a means of communication between my wilderness cabin and my family has evolved to a blog that varies from highly personal to political. It has garnered a few followers and some postings have even been republished on national blogs…but still I sit here surrounded by thousands of square miles of woods and mountains and wonder why write. So Ms Robinson I believe you are in good company for there are many others who sit there every week and wonder who would want to read the fruits of their labor and why.


  2. Thank you for the encouraging words regarding blogging. I have just recently started blogging and have added a few of my articles. I want to write to bring some humor and smiles into others lives and thought I would try this. So, it is important for me to know that I may not make any headway for awhile. If you would check out my “stuff”, I would greatly appreciate your comments, realizing you may not even be interested in what I am writing about. But you have been doing this for awhile and maybe there are some “tips” you can give me. Thanks a bunch and keep on doing what you are doing. I can see from your number of followers that you are interesting to quite a few people. I have one follower but I have to start somewhere. Be Blessed!


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