Blogging is Hard

For anyone who has ever kept up a blog regularly, even if you post just a few times a month, you have probably had your moments when you thought “Boy, this is hard.”

It’s hard to put your words and thoughts up on the internet for the world to see and comment on.

It’s hard to come up with new content week after week and post it regularly.

It’s hard to keep going when you get no new followers or comments for weeks at a time.

I wrote a post earlier this year about why I started blogging and why I’ve kept it going for over three years straight. All of the reasons I outlined there still stand, and I’m still glad I made the decision to keep on blogging.

Yes, it’s hard sometimes – but hey, nothing worthwhile in life is easy, right? If you’re keeping up a blog – or thinking about starting a blog – then don’t give up on it! It’s hard, but it’s worth it.


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