If you’ve checked the news or been on Facebook at all in the past week (or looked out your window, depending on where you live), you know that the east coast of the US got some snow. More than is usual for most of that area.

There's actually garden statuary under there somewhere...

There’s actually garden statuary under there somewhere…

I love snow, and I always find it very inspiring. First of all, there’s the “yay, I’m snowed in! Now I can binge watch movies all day get lots of writing done!”

Deer tracks

Deer tracks

Secondly, snow changes things. The landscape is different, the light is different. Things that stood out before are now invisible, and other things that went unnoticed are now in prominence. A writer needs to be an observer first and foremost, and the ability to see things from a different perspective is a valuable trait.

Even if you don’t like snow, I encourage you to take a moment and observe the changes in the world. (The positive changes, not just the negative ones. We all know that snow makes driving more difficult). Beauty can be found anywhere.

Winter light


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