The Best Social Media Sites for Writers


“Writers need to be on social media!” everyone says. I agree. You don’t have to be a social media expert, or spend 24/7 connected to your Facebook and Twitter apps, but you should have an online presence. A website is a good start, but if you want

to develop a fan base, the best way to do that is to be accessible. And social media provides the perfect venue for you to connect directly with your fans.

Here are some of my favorite social media sites that I believe are the best-suited to authors:


Yep, Facebook is the big dog of social media. And despite its constantly-changing algorithms, and young millennials flocking away from it because their parents just signed up, Facebook is still the biggest and most well-known. Most businesses and entrepreneurs have a Facebook page, because these days not having a Facebook page is like not having a website. People expect to find you there.


Twitter is a great place to connect with other writers, find editors and agents, and follow publishers. And you can make friends and build a following, too. Its quick, real-time nature and the 140-character post limit make it an ideal platform where you can hop on and off again quickly throughout your day as time permits.


Personally, Pinterest is one of my favorite sites. You can use Pinterest for research, story ideas, promoting your books or your blog, and so much more. Share your varied interests with the world. If people like what you pin, they might just like what you write, too.


This is more of a niche site than the others, because it’s basically just for book geeks. But isn’t that a great place for a writer to be found? Reach the world at large via Facebook, and reach the book-aholics via GoodReads. People can not only review your books, but if you have an author page you can post updates and answer questions, just like on any other social network.

Some other good social media sites that many writers use are Tumblr and blogs. Yes, blogs like this very one that you’re reading are part of the social media world. Why? Because blog content is usually free, easy to share, and open for comments and interaction.

What are some of your favorite writerly social media sites?


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